Mastering Services

If you’re in need of professional mastering, you’ve come to the right place. With over 30 years in audio production, we have the ears, gear, and experience to give your project a fresh perspective and take it to the next level.

Mastering isn’t a process, it’s the last creative step that a project takes before it is released to the masses. We have ears of experience mastering everything from Reggae to Country to Classical. All mastering packages include conversion to MP3 files programmed with meta-tags. Trust your project to Whitewater Recording and make sure your project gets all the attention it deserves!

We can work from most audio file formats as well as CDs, DVDs, DATS, Cassettes and Vinyl. Vintage restoration is one of our specialties! Contact us for information about additional formats that we may be able to support.

Call us at 828-684-8284 or email to discuss how we can make your project sound its very best!

  • Digital Tune-Up $250

    We will digitally sequence your song order, maximize volume, smooth fades/starts and create a master CD ready for replication.
    (up to 12 songs/50 minutes)

  • Full Service $500

    Same as the Digital Tune-Up with the creative addition of compression, limiting, equalization, and other digital/analog processing. A complete evaluation with utmost attention to detail.
    (up to 12 songs/50 minutes)

  • Individual Tracks $75

    We’re happy to master individual tracks.

Submitting Your Tracks For Mastering

Submitting mixes on CD/DVD-Rom or via the internet instead of audio CDs is highly recommended and allows your project to maintain higher bit resolutions and sampling rates throughout the mastering process.

  • Indicate file format and sampling rate for each track
  • Use any major full-res file format: Wave, Aiff, SD2, etc.
  • MP3 files, AAC, and other compressed file formats are not recommended.

When creating your CD or DVD disc:

  • Create Discs using Disc At Once (DAO) mode
    (Track At Once mode may work but is NOT recommended)
  • CDRW CDs are NOT recommended.
  • Consumer “Music” CDs are not recommended.

Our mastering services include entry of meta-data into your CD master and MP3 files. Please include the following information with your project whenever possible.

  • A Mix log which indicates all titles and alternate mixes
  • Samples of similar material you’d like applied to your project
  • Any defects, flaws, or issues you want addressed in mastering
  • Correctly spelled titles and final sequence
  • Copyright info
  • UPC codes
  • ISRC codes (what’s an ISRC code? (Click here for info)