Dave Landy in the studio.

Dave Landy

This is my view through the glass of the Control Room of Dave Landy laying down guitar tracks.  He was really tearing it up!

Studio Guitars Setup

Found some time yesterday to set up a few of the electric guitars at the studio.  WOW! what a difference.  The ’63 Hagstrom took about 10 minutes and it was perfect.  The Strat is never easy and took about an hour and sounds great.  I installed 9-46s on the Charvel so the neck had to be adjusted, but wow what a difference!  After setting the intonation it, it really sounds good and has great action!  Why do the Strats have to be so hard?

Local Favorites: The 96.5 House Band

Great time with The 96.5 House Band working on a new project last night.

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Blues Session: The Enlightened Rogues

We had The Enlightened Rogues in studio today for their first session, recording tracks for their upcoming project.

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